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Welcome to Comfort and Joy Website


 Have you ever wanted to make a difference in your community? Have you ever wanted to help someone in need? Have you ever wanted to make some sort of contribution?

                Well, make a contribution to Comfort and Joy today. Our goal is to collect money throughout the year and use the money to buy coats for homeless families. The money to buy coats will be separated into boys, girls, men and women. There will be coats for the entire family!

        So if you want to do something good for your community or homeless people donate money using the PayPal button to this non-profit organization or purchase a new coat to help the thousands of people homeless and cold during the winter time. However, we need your help.    

Thanks to your donations we raised over $40,000 and donated 705 coats since we started and we donated $11,000 to the Healthy Eating Project at CITY House.  Click here for more information on the projects.

We are going to donate more coats every year. Please continue donations so you can give warm coats to those less fortunate than you.

The homeless people need your donation.


Click here to make a donation and show your support!



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